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Dart Polystyrene Tub Flat White Lids

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White or translucent flat vented lids for Dart tub range;


2oz and 4oz use 6JL Lids, minimum 100, 1000 / case

8oz (8SJ20), 12oz (12SJ20) and 16oz (16MJ20) Tubs, use 20JL Lids, minimum 100, 500 / case

8oz (8SJ32) and 16oz (16MJ32) Tubs, use 32JL Lids, minimum 100, 500 / case




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6JL Lids Per 100, 6JL Lids Per 1000, 20JL Lids Per 100, 20JL Lids Per 500, 32JL Lids Per 100, 32JL Lids Per 500


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