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Brown Heavy Duty Paper Board Containers & Lids

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Plain brown paper board heavy duty containers are suitable for hot or cold food offerings from ice-cream to hot soup or pasta. Whatever the contents these durable containers won’t bend, bow or sag! Available with or without lids – same lids fit all 3 sizes (Lids are double disc vented to allow steam to escape). Sizes:

  • 8oz / 250ml (min order 100, 500 / case)
  • 12oz / 355ml (min order 100, 500 / case)
  • 16oz / 473ml (min order 100, 500 / case)

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8oz Per 100, 8oz Per 500, 12oz Per 100, 12oz Per 500, 16oz Per 100, 16oz Per 500, Lids Per 100, Lids Per 500


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