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Compostable Smoothie Cups Environmentally Friendly

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Compostable PLA lined ultra clear smoothie cups are ideal for smoothies / milkshakes / fruit juices / fresh fruit salads. An Eco-Friendly alternative to other petro-chemical derived products which degrade very slowly and pollute our environment. Available in sizes:


  • 9oz (100 minimum, 1000 / case)
  • 12oz (100 minimum, 1000 / case)
  • 16oz (100 minimum, 1000 / case)


Domed Lids with hole available, one size fits all the above size of cups, minimum 100, 1000 / case.

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9oz Cups Per 100, 9oz Cups Per 1000, 12oz Cups Per 100, 12oz Cups Per 1000, 16oz Cups Per 100, 16oz Cups Per 1000, 9/12/16oz Lids Per 100, 9/12/16oz Lids Per 1000


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