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Flan Foils

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Flan Foils available in the following sizes and quantities;


Code 00.8.17 in sleeves of 180 or cases of 900, size;

Top out: 164mm

Top in: 154mm

Base: 144mm

Height: 27mm

Capacity: 440cc


Code 00.8.16 in sleeves of 167 or cases of 500, size;

Top out: 212mm

Top in: 198mm

Base: 187mm

Height: 23mm

Capacity: 800cc


Code 00.8.02 in sleeves of 75 or cases of 300, size;

Top out: 227mm

Top in: 213mm

Base: 197mm

Height: 42mm

Capacity: 1368cc


Code 21.7.27 in cases of 270, size;

Top out: 311mm

Top in: 292mm

Base: 272mm

Height: 33mm

Capacity: 2038cc

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00.8.17 Per 180, 00.8.17 Per 900, 00.8.16 Per 167, 00.8.16 Per 500, 00.8.02 Per 75, 00.8.02 Per 300, 21.7.27 Per 270


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